Eva Oh is an award-winning International Dominatrix and the creator of #teakink and Safeword Podcast. Her work, writing and views have been featured in Washington Post, WIRED, Rolling Stone, InStyle, Entrepreneur, Newsweek, VICE, i-D and DAZED. She hosts talks and events to promote the understanding of sexuality and sex work worldwide.

Eva Oh, also known as ‘Mistress Eva’, is an International Professional and Lifestyle Dominatrix. She is the winner of the ‘Sex Worker of the Year’ Sexual Freedom Award and the face of the 2022 German Fetish Ball.  Eva’s professional career has also spanned the industries of strategic development, ethnographic research, sustainable design, social work, production and performance art.

Eva is the creator of the world’s first BDSM slave training platform, youwillpleaseme.com; #teakink and the award winning Safeword Podcast. Her work, writing and views on BDSM and sex work have been featured in high-profile media that include Washington Post, WIRED, Rolling Stone, InStyle, Entrepreneur, Newsweek, VICE, i-D, DAZED, The Daily Beast and Slutever. Eva hosts workshops and events to promote BDSM culture worldwide; and she has spoken on panels on sexuality at Burning Man USA, Pink Fest Singapore and Wonderfruit Thailand.

In 2011 Eva experienced a clash of values in her work in the corporate sector. She then decided to follow a curiosity and began training to be a Professional Dominatrix at the Salon Kitty’s Dungeons in Sydney, Australia. Here she apprenticed and worked under the tutelage of Head Mistress Amanda until its close. During this time Eva also explored different facets of the sex industry as an Escort and brothel and massage parlour worker and she shares her cumulative knowledge with her industry through the guide ‘Sex Work Guide: Business and Touring Strategies’, published in English and Japanese. This publication also forms a part of her philanthropic efforts with all proceeds received going to organisations that support sex work advocacy.

Eva believes in of the power of new media and utilises this medium to promote the understanding of BDSM culture and sex work. Using her social media channels she creates conversations amongst her community which she features in Safeword Podcast on topics that have included ‘Submissive Men and Society’ and ‘How has the Coronavirus Affected the BDSM Community’. She hosts #teakink, an evolving project whose first instalment is an interview web series with some of the world’s foremost Dominatrices; and she also hosts monthly Q&As on her Instagram Live that have included the themes ‘BDSM and Religion’, ‘The Dungeon versus Domestic Play’ and ‘BDSM and the Workplace’. Eva believes that her visibility in mass media as a sex worker is a vital tool – where being an active participant of the conversation contributes towards public understanding, destigmatisation and the eventual decriminalisation of sex work.

Eva’s film debut, ‘Grief Encounter’ premiered on Erika Lust’s XConfessions channel in 2022. A film about grief, death and seduction – Eva was interviewed by writer-directors Ellen Pearson and Kitty Drake over three years to develop the erotic docu-film script.

‘Mistress Eva’ has been immortalised by Femdom artist Sardax in a portrait inspired by Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. In it she is positioned on a celestial throne as her sub girl Aria Luxe kneels at her feet. Her other submissives surround them, portrayed as ghosts of the spirit world.

An archive dedicated to the work of ‘Mistress Eva’ is housed at the UK Fetish Archive, Bishopsgate Institute.

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