Eva Oh is a BDSM Trainer and the creator of #teakink and Safeword Podcast. Her work, writing and views have been featured in Washington Post, WIRED, Rolling Stone, InStyle, Entrepreneur, VICE, i-D, DAZED, The Daily Beast and Slutever. She also hosts workshops and events on sexuality worldwide.



An online BDSM training platform that features Eva Oh in the instructional role as ‘Mistress Eva’. An industry first.



An evolving project inspired by tea ceremony and the kink community. Instalments in progress and development include a web series, private ceremonies and tea ceremonial-bondage furniture.


Safeword Podcast

A podcast on BDSM kickstarted by weekly Q&A’s on Eva Oh’s Twitter (@youwillpleaseme). Co-hosted with Dirk Hooper.



A Dominatrix on the Surge in BDSM During Coronavirus, The Daily Beast
7 Things Not to Do When You Meet a Sex Worker, Slutever
Threesome Gone Awry, Slutever

Selected Press

VICE 'As Told To' Feature
DAZED Dominatrix Mistress Eva Oh
'Dominatrix in Asia' Documentary
VICE 'Dispatch' Podcast
Washington Post Consent Eva Oh
Washington Post
Broadly VICE Podcast slave training Eva Oh Mistress
VICE 'My First Time' Podcast
Sex in Our City Singapore Eva Oh Dominatrix
Sex in Our City
Peepshow Podcast Eva Oh Dominatrix
Peepshow Podcast
Daily Star
AVN News Eva Oh youwillpleaseme.com slave training BDSM
AVN News
Eva Oh - Dayre
Sinical Magazine Eva Oh
Sinical Magazine
Kink Queens Eva Oh

Selected Appearances

Wonderfruit Festival Better Sex Workshop Eva Oh
Better Sex, A Date with Desire & Consent - Workshop Host
Pinkfest Singapore Original Feminists Eva Oh
The Original Feminists 2.0 - Panel Member
German Fetish Ball Eva Oh
German Fetish Ball - Face of 2020
BDSM Sexuality Workshop Eva Oh
BDSM and Relationships - Workshop Host
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